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Scapolite Meaning: The gemstone of relieving grief

What is Scapolite

Scapolite is a beautiful golden yellow crystal that mostly come from Brazil. It is found in form of elonged crystals and have small crystal size. Scapolite is best known for  healing grief. The name of Gemstone is derived from greek word “Scapos” which means Rod because of its crystal shape. It is an unusual gemstone with extraordinary metaphysical and healing benefits.  It comes in many colors from white, grey, pink, yellow and purple.

Scapolite Mineral

Scapolite is Calcium Sodium Aluminum Silicate Carbonate Chloride Sulfate. It forms in metamorphic rocks from the alteration of plagioclase feldspars. The raw scapolite crystals are fall in tetragonal crystal system of minerals so, they  usually occur in thin elongated crystals.

scapolite gemstone

Scapolite Gemstone

The scapolite gemstone is not well known, but it is very attractive stone. It comes in various colors such as yellow to orange, pink or violet. Pink and purple scapolite are most sought after varieties. The scapolite gemstone is also one of stone with fire feature.  Cat’s eye scapolite are also found and less transparent material can often be cut as cabochons which often exhibit a good Cat’s Eye effect. Cat’s eye scapolite looks similar to moonstone.


It has average hardness and scapolite is a six on the hardness scale. The stone has 3 directional cleavage thus it must be treated with care, and are not really suitable for use in jewelry rings. Gemstone sources of scapolite are found in Minas Gerias, Brazil; Madagascar, Tremorgio, Switzerland and Burma.

Scapolite meaning and metaphysical properties

As you know Scapolite crystals are golden yellow and thus correspond to the 3rd chakra which governs your solar plexus. The solar plexus is located below your ribs near your stomach.  The beautiful scapolite gemstones helps one with death dying and loss and would be a wonderful accompaniment when trying to connect with someone who has passed away. It is best know for helping one to resolve their grief and to understand that dying is not really dying but is a rebirth on the other side.

Scapolite for Coping with Grief

Everyone knows how terrible one feels when someone they love passes away. Most people even get nervous breakdown it’s not easy and every death is not the same. Every single one of them feels different, but everyone survives death. We all do the soul of a person survives please believe this hopefully these crystals will help you deal with your grief and possibly help you connect with your loved one. Who really isn’t that far from you your loved one is near to you as always. Here  it is not possible to diagnose or prescribe anything concerning your medical conditions but we can suggest this crystal for dealing with grief and pain of losing the loved ones.

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