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Meaning of Lapis Lazuli, The Stone of Leaders

Lapis Lazuli is a really interesting stone because other crystals will help to bring you to their energy or bring you to their vibration.  Neither ground your uplift you also on. Lapis Lazuli is like a mighty or powerful regal queen who sits on her throne and will refuse to lower herself to your level. If you like Game of Thrones think of Cersei so, what you’ll do is you’ll wait until you come to the same vibration as her and then she’ll gift you with all her powers and all her energies.

“Have you ever wondered that the different people who ask why does my jewelry go missing is 50% of all such cases are about its Lapis Lazuli.”

Lapis Lazuli and Leadership

Lapis Lazuli will only work with you when you’re ready when you’re ready. Lapis Lazuli is not a crystal it’s actually a stone made out of three different crystals.

Lapis-Lazuli-Crystal meaning

  1. When you look at the stone yourself, main color that comes from laser light. Laser light helps to open up the intuition and helps to prevent guidance. It works really well in the third eye chakra.
  2. You’ll see veins and bits of white in it which is white calcite. Calcite is clear and cleanse so you’re getting that intuition inner cleansing with the council.
  3. You can also see there’s lots of gold and that’s pyrite which is also named as Fool’s Gold. It grows in perfect little squares within the lapis lazuli.

You can know it by your own how well these three crystals work together. Its simple as it comes to your mind that the calcite clears away the distraction,  the pyrite helps you understand that information that’s coming in and work out what to do with it. Because of that it’s earned the name of stone of the Gods kings and leaders.  It was very popular in ancient Egypt so much that Cleopatra is to crush up and wear it as eyeshadow.  It helps those leaders to know what to do and to follow that direction.  So they get that wisdom and they use it to their advantage. They made the change out of it as well edgar cayce and other intuitive’s also believe that this was a very popular stone used in Atlantis.  Again its priests and priestesses one so, when you’re drawn to work with Lapis Lazuli, it’s time for you to start making some dramatic change for your life and for other people’s lives as well .

Lapis Lazuli For Vision

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of vision and helping our vision for the future. So, if you’re feeling a little bit flattening start working with Lapis Lazuli. Wear it constantly throughout the day and have it in your pillowcase at night and pay attention to your dreams. You also want to take some time meditating with it either holding it in your receptive hand at hand you don’t write with. You can do it even placing it on the third eye for a while let your visions and foresight. Pay attention to your thoughts and your dreams lapis will bring you guidance.

It also can be used for your physical vision. You can try resting with bits of lapis on your eyes or make an elixir with some water and spray that on your eyes. Even placing it near your eye cream anything that will help to improve your vision, especially a vision at night. Lapis Lazuli brings you guidance but that cows at the pyrite get rid of all the rubbish.

lapis stone ring

Honesty and Truthfulness

This is a stone of honesty and truthfulness.  It helps you to be more honest and truthful because when it’s a stone for leadership and leaders on’t need to lie. It also helps you to have truthful conversations with others.  If you need to be honest to someone or you need to have a deep meaningful then have Lapis Lazuli in the space.

It’s going to really help things to be a lot more authentic honest open and for you to say what you need to say. It takes away all that fear of being worried about hurting people the end when we’re dishonest we hurt people even more.  So, Lapis Lazuli helps you to be truthful and honest not just in special transit but whenever you need to be.

Lapis Lazuli combination with Air

Lapis Lazuli resonates with the element of air because it has calcite in it that helps to cleanse away energy. It also has the pyrite which is all about organization and structure.  It’s really good for cleansing the air in a space. Get some lapis and place it in the pots of air purifying plants forexample, Aloe vera is a great one to have in your bedroom. It requires at night but if you google you’ll find a whole list of different ones that are fine to actually take away all the toxins out of the air.  Put the Lapis Lazuli in the soil or near the plant and now will energetically help that plant to work even more effectively.

lapis stone connection

Corresponding Energies for Lapis Stone

Place the lapis stone outside on a windy day or passing it through incense smoke is the ideal way to cleanses lapis stone.  However if you want to take that one step further, leave it in starry night until the last star vanishes in the morning. Lapis Lazuli can teach you the virtues of independence being self-sufficient. It can allow you to give to other people without the need of anything in return. Because you are a whole person.

Using Lapis Lazuli with Animals

Cat is also believed to be one of the most psychically intuitive animals you know you may see a cat. Whether it be your own or someone else’s will sit there staring at something in the house. You may notice when they’re looking in the corner they are actually looking for the witches. The wise women of old were always renowned and get the cat around it because cat helps us alert are things we can’t sense.

lapis stone cat

Using Lapis with cat can help you to discover new and interesting things about your spirituality.

Lapis lazuli use with plants

lapiz lazuli plants

The best plant to use with lapis lazuli is sandal. Sandal is such great wood to have on your altar to help bring in spiritual contact. Whether it be spirits or guides or elemental beings, whatever you want to work with.  Wearing sandel wood beads can be very protective and helps spiritual awareness as can burning the incense or the resin. The best thing to use sandalwood essential oil and diffusing it with such an amazing scent.  It’s very grounding but, also uplifting at the same time. This is what a leader is going to work with Lapis Lazuli needs and it be grounded. They need to be connected as well, as it is said that, a tree can only grow as high as its roots go deep

Lapis Stone Meaning in Astrology

Astrologically Lapis Lazuli works with Jupiter. When we work with lapis stone, we start expanding our realms of influence and sprinter expanding the possibilities for our life. Jupiter does the same and that’s because Jupiter rules Thursday. Thursday is the power day and the best day to work with your Lapis Lazuli.

Final Words

We love to hear about your experiences with Lapis Lazuli.  If you’ve worked with it and had beneficial results or whether you’re like this is gone missing, please share in the comments section below.


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