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Amazing Benefits Kanakapushyaragam Stone

Introduction to Pushyaragam stone

Kanakapushyaragam stone, Kanaka Pushya Raga, Kanaka Pushya, pushyaragam stone and Pukhraj are the various names of a single majestic stone which has wonderful positive effects. The name of this gemstone is derived from words “Kanaka” and “Pushpa” which means Gold and flower respectively. So Kanaka Pushya Raga is a Yellow Sapphire which has fine Golden Yellow Colour or of a highly Kanakapushyaragam stone in English is Called “Yellow Sapphire” which is member of Corundum mineral family. In India this stone is often named as “Pukhraj Ratna” and it is known to Indian people for thousands of years. The kanaka pushyaragam stone holds and important position in Indian Astrology. Here we are going to discuss the effects of Kanakapushyaragam stone in detail but we also want to let our readers know what is real kanakapushyaragam stone so that they can easily find kanaka pushyaragam stone.

What is Kanakapushyaragam Stone?

There are many yellow colored stones which are being sold in market as real Kanakapushyaragam stone but most of them are just imitation of pushyaragam stone and they don’t bring the desired benefits and its sometimes not good to wear fake kanakapushyaragam stone. The real pushyaragam stone or Kanakapushyaragam Gemstone is the totally natural unheated yellow Sapphire with very fine Golden Yellow or Golden Canary Yellow color. It is very popular stone is south India and also in west India and there are various names given to this yellow sapphire such as Kanakapushyaragam or Kanakapushparagam Gemstone.

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How to buy real pushparagam stone?

Now a days many people are not happy with the results of gem therapy and they don’t find gemstones as effective as they should be. The core reason is that people are not aware of the purity and the important features of gemstones and they solely rely on information or sourcing the gemstone is limited to the Astrologer who has consulted them or the trader dealing in these stones. This lack of research and options takes them to fake or wrong gemstones and some times they pay much higher than the real price of gemstones. So, if you are going to buy kanakapushyaragam Stone or any other stone, take time to do your own research on internet. When you go to gemstone dealer always ask for a fully natural, unheated or untreated  kanaka pushyaragam stone with the finest colour, lustre.

pushyaragam stone

There are petrol colored gemstones which are heat treated (to bring color in gemstone) or diffused sapphires from Thailand. These stones are cheap, poor quality, treated and are low grade of gemstones. These stones can be used as ornamental or jewellery purposes but they don’t have benefits as real kanakapushyaragam Stone. Keep in mind that most important thing in pushyaragam  stone is its beautiful alluring and exotic color which make kanaga pushparagam stone cost extremely rare, valuable, and durable.

Meaning of pushparagam  Stone?

pushyaragam stone is expensive stone and denotes righteousness, piety and truthfulness. kanakapushyaragam is recommended for economic prosperity and comforts and is particularly good for those who are running their own business. The “pushyaragam stone” is not ordinary stone, it has been glorified in the Shastras and the puranas.

 Kanakapushyaragam stone

Benefits of kanakapushyaragam Stone?

The Pushparagam stone stone represents the planetary energy of Jupiter. It brings special results and harness the positive powers of Jupiter to its wearer. The Pukhraj Stone harmonizes and benefits Jupiter, the largest planet and signifies knowledge, wisdom, justice, virtue, fortune, education, future, religion, children, philosophy, devotion, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity.

Pushparagam stone  also has effects on human physiology through the globus pallidus as it gives balanced and higher-order instructions, maintains harmony between complex systems and enlivens activity in the brain while guiding action. It aslo signifies highest-order thinking and increases the organizing power. It is proven to have positive effects on harmonious relations amongst family members. It also beings good reputation to wearer in his family and everywhere.

Kanakapushyaragam finger cost

The Kanakapushyaragam Stone shall be worn on Thursday’s at the time of sunrise, in gold ring on the index finger. 4 carat is excellent carat weight for destiny re calibration and will deliver the promised results.

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