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8 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Gemstone Jewelry [Funny GIFs]

Gemstone jewelry is a fabulous form of jewelry which gives magical touch to your personality and enhances beauty of your eyes. Buying artistic gemstone jewelry requires an art of  buying. Otherwise, it may result is buying fake jewelry which is considerable loss of money. If you are gemstone lover and gemstone jewelry fascinates you, you must know few things before buying one. Here are 8 great tips which would help you to pick the right jewel to adorn yourself with.

1. Buying Gemstone Jewelry online

Internet is full of horror stories of disastrous online shopping tragedies. While online shopping is always risky, buying a gemstone jewelry online may be biggest mistake of them all. Commonly what they show you on website is not what you get delivered at your home. In case of gemstone jewellery  you may get dodged by seller in terms of color and quality of stone. Most of time with the help of professional photography they produce wonderful images of products which are way different than the original products. You must also beware of jewelry sold on Facebook pages that collect the fabulous photos but they have nothing to offer.

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So you must consider your local jeweler for precious stone jewellery. If you have to buy from online store, you should buy from trusted websites and sellers.

2. Do NOT over-spend

All beautiful stones are not precious. There is a small list of stones which is precious such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite etc. There are a large number of semi precious stones  which are easily available in the market. Before buying the jewelry with gemstones you must know which gemstone you are going to buy. You must research, decide a budget and stick to it.

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3. Buying the wrong stone

With a wide variety of gemstones available,  buying appropriate gemstone becomes quite hard job. Here, the most common mistake that people make is that they buy the stone which they can’t wear more often. So don’t buy the jewelry which is more likely to stay in your  jewel box and you can’t wear it more often. Spending such a gemstone will be a huge waste. Rather, you should buy something that suits you complements your looks.

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4. Going without the basic and necessary legwork

Sometimes you may go to a jewelry shop and all of sudden you get fascinated by a stone jewelry. You have prior knowledge about the gemstone and you decide to buy that jewelry. In this case, chances are more than you get overcharged. You must do proper research about the gemstone you are going to buy and beware of the factors that affect the worth of that stone. Having a thorough research will help you in getting best gemstone in appropriate price.


5. Picking an ignominious seller

It is centric to find a right and trusted seller for buying gemstones. You must be very cautious if you are not an expert in gemstones deals.  Always go the gemstone seller who has a good reputation and is trustworthy. Otherwise, you may face problems like- being handed over a fake gemstone,  treated gemstones or overcharged. Don’t hesitate to ask for for a guarantee card.  For precious gemstones such as diamond, ruby,  sapphire, emerald, etc you must demand the laboratory report or certificate of originality.

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6. Not having a purpose in mind

As discussed earlier, you must not buy gemstone jewelry which is more likely to stay in your jewelry casket. You should buy the jewelry for which you get more opportunities to put them on.  Go for the gems jewelry for which you have some dress to pair it with. In case you are buying for someone as gift you must ask their choice about gemstones before purchasing.

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7. Not doing enough research

Buying gemstone is not an ordinary job. It requires research which is very imperative to gemstone purchase. You should make your mind before going to store. You must have an idea about the quality and the factors that count in the pricing of gemstones. Going to jewelry shops without clear mind will lead you to a decision to repent. Try to check the price from a few stores before buying gemstone jewelry to make sure you buy at the best price of gemstone.

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8. Don’t buy gemstone with fancy names

There are a large number of synthetic gemstone in the market and they are marketed with fancy names. It is a common mistake while buying a gemstone that people opt the gemstone with fancy names and adjectives. Avoid buying gemstones with such names such as American Ruby, Adelaide Ruby, Gold Topaz, Red sea pearls, Fire pearl etc.

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Beware of False and Deceptive Names of gemstones

We hope the next time you plan to buy gorgeous gemstone and are sure about buying it, you will avoid all these common mistakes and get real gemstone jewelry in best price. 

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