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History of All Famous Birthstones

Every gemstone is antique with respect to its history and place. The gemstones have a very long story before they get discovered by humans. Every gemstone has its own history. There are some gemstones which have very fascinating stories and others have same old story of getting discovered. But it doesn’t matter matter how old is the history is for as long as it’s important enough to be heard. Sometimes it is very important to know the history of gemstones when you’re specially dealing them as birthstones.  Here we have discussing 7 antique birthstones with their history.


Garnet is birthstone for those who are born in month of January. It is said that those born in this month are great communicators and are very sociable. Garnet is known to mankind for as long before as the time of the Ancient Romans and Greeks. The name of Garnet is derived from the latin sense as this garnet birthstone looks like the  pomegranate aril.  Ancient people relate this gem with fire. According to Christian beliefs Noah used this gemstone for illumination on his Ark. A gem of constancy, truth and faith.


The amethyst is one of the oldest gemstones used by humans. Amethyst is birthstone of February and its is associated with royalty. Amethyst had been used for ecclesiastical purposes too. In past this stone was worn by soldiers and travelers for protection and safety and to avoid intoxication. This stone is also known to bring luck for business matters.


Aquamarine is birthstone for month of March. The name of this birthstone is derived due to its color which is similar to sea water. When it is submerged into water it seems to disappear and be invisible. In ancient times the fishermen used to wear this stone for safety and protection during their water journey. At that time people believed that this stone carries the qualities of water especially the property to purify. Back to that time Aquamarine was considered as purifying stone. It also brings unfazed youthfulness and happiness in life of its wearer.


Diamond is birthstone for month of April and it is truly a girl’s (or a boy’s) best friend. When it comes to stones there is no equal to Diamond. Diamond is above all stones in terms of  hardness, quality, outstanding brilliance and rareness. It is one of the most expensive and priceless gemstones on the planet. In history Diamond is only reserved and is exclusively brought upon royalty. A diamond is symbol of eternal happiness through marriage bonds.


Emerald is a stunning beauty of enchanted green. In we look Emerald in the history of world, it had been known as the stone for the gods and goddesses. The Greeks offered this gemstone for Aphrodite as the symbol of beauty. A goddess made of emerald was worshiped by Incas. And it is said that last bowl Jesus Christ used during the Last Supper was made of emerald. The Emerald is known as the stone for faith, immortality, intelligence and insight.


Pearl is gemstone for month of June. It is an organic gemstone made up of secretions of  mollusks as defense from foreign substances such as parasites etc. It was known as god’s tears before. This stone represents the influence of the moon on earth.  Like diamonds the Pearl is also used as nuptials. Pearl symbolizes purity, femininity and wisdom.


Ruby is Birthstone of July. The name of this stone means red.  It is one of most majestic colored stone and it is associated with passion and power. Ancient people believed that if a if ruby gemstone is thrown inside the pot of water, it will make the water to boil at an instant. Ruby is a symbol of attraction and love.


Peridot is birthstone for the month of “August”. According to history of this birthstone Pharaohs desired this stone. They asked their people back then to use peridots as adornments and currency. Furthermore, in past this stone was online mined in night because  people believed that they glow like lanterns.

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